"The good, the bad and the ugly.
It's the stuff dreams are made of." ~ Sovoya J.

Journey with me to years past & leading up to the present, where I chronicle my quest and dreams of fortune & fame as a Country music singer & songwriter in my Diary of a Black Woman in Country Music: a long, winding road met with happiness and sorrow. 

Current and future Diary excerpts and postings are now on my Instagram page: Sovoya Singer-Songwriter. Due to sensitive content this page is currently private and has limited access. Who knows, maybe I'll give you a key.
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As the Nashville Country music industry continues on its path of inclusion and diversity for Black country artists, I too have decided (as a former aspiring Country singer/songwriter) to support my fellow 'artists of color' with a collective new and exciting place to showcase their music. A place to gain needed exposure. A place to tell their stories. A place that adds meaning and depth to their songs. A place where they can simply entertain. A one stop place for millions of Country music fans the world over. A place where Words & Music meet visual imagery: The launch of BlaqCountryVideo, a music video platform! Check back here in the future for official launch date. 🤠 Queries and video submissions contact: sovoyadj@gmail.com

“Writer of a Song” (01/2014)

The Latest...

My dearest family, friends, producers, fellow musicians & others: I Just Want to Thank You for your support over the many years! It still means so very much to me today. These days, I am focused on the songwriting. May GOD bless you all in 2023. Peace & love.


I Just Wanna Thank You ©️ Lyrics & Melody by SovoyaJacksonSongs, BMI Publishing 

Paper Airplanes

Whiskey Sun
('14 Version)

Kissin' Good

Are you a Country, Pop, R&B, Blues or Inspirational singer without a song to sing? Visit My Songbook page to play snippets, read full lyrics and get the story behind the song. Consider covering my tunes for your upcoming music project! 

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